Beatles Song Countdown

I fell in love with The Beatles in my mid 20’s, thirty-five years after they disbanded. Most of what I knew of them until then were catchy songs in commercials and the upbeat pop tunes from their early years I’d hear on KQQL. I was blown away when I actually got my hands on the … Continue reading Beatles Song Countdown

Beatles Song Countdown: 25-21

25: I Am The Walrus Album: Magical Mystery Tour Writer: Lennon Singer: Lennon Verdict: An intentional nonsense song John wrote just to confuse the analytically obsessed. The lyrics themselves are not that attractive; it’s definitely not a song I ever just sing to myself. But dang it John’s voice is spectacular as are the backing musicians, especially the strings. … Continue reading Beatles Song Countdown: 25-21

Beatles Song Countdown: 40-36

40: Mother Nature’s Son Album: The Beatles Writer: McCartney Singer: McCartney Verdict: A virtual solo by Paul. He sang while playing acoustic and dubbed in the percussion. Mostly lyrically absent, but nobody can do “doo doo wahs” quite like Paul. Definitely a song the guitar guy at the party could do to try to get attention.