110: Legacy (4.06)

Synopsis:  The entire crew gets duped by Tasha’s sister because Troi just isn’t good at reading emotions.

Memory Alpha Summary: Yar she blows

Review:  Not a whole lot to this episode, other than a rather banal allegory to gang warfare.  Data being betrayed by his new friend could have been pretty poignant, except he was just betrayed three episodes ago in Brothers, and I didn’t really buy how quickly the Enterprise crew trusted Ishara.  Troi voices out loud that Ishara’s leader is crooked, and says she’s pretty unsure about Ishara as well.  And yet they jump into this war with hardly a second thought because they miss Tasha?

We hear that this society severed ties with the federation 15 years ago.  Yet, Tasha was being exploited by rape gangs 30 years ago.  Why would the federation have had ties with them?

Moreover, the captain is warned that these gangs kill ALL visitors.  The first thing he does after hearing this news?  Orders Riker to assemble an away team of senior officers.  Right on.

Finally, Worf shows an unseen before (though we’ll see it later) sexist streak while trying to get Beverly to not go on the away mission.

I love it when Data tells Ishara that he and Tasha had “many conversations.”  No word on how many of them ended with, “It never happened.”

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