Survivor X

During Survivor X there were three teams of eight. Our team was very strong, eventually reaching a point where we had more members than the other two teams combined, and were able to pick them off one by one. After the merge, I only won one immunity, but had enough alliances that I was able to wiggle my way to the finals. My final story wound up being a proposal to my wife. While the story wasn’t liked enough for immunity, she did say yes, which helped temper the blow from finishing in second place, losing on a 7-0 jury vote.

Some of the stories below have been revised, mostly just fixing some grammar mistakes. The original stories include judge’s comments.

Week 1:  Fiction 59
Week 2:  Community Story
Week 3:  Half a Conversation
Week 4:  What Was That You Asked?
Week 5:  Bantam Bulwyr
Week 7:  C’Mon, Try It!
Week 8:  Style Over Substance     (Revised)
Week 9:  Cliffhanger   (Revised)
Week 11: Payoff
Week 12: Aladdin’s Lamp     (Revised)
Week 13: Seemingly Useless Superpower   (Revised)
Week 14: Decline    Revised
Week 15: Unfortunate Strength     (Revised)
Week 16: Afterlife     (Revised)
Week 17: Before and After    (Revised)
Week 18: Triumph or Tragedy    (Revised)
Week 19: The Machine of Death   (Revised)
Week 20: Interrogation
Week 21: Rashomon
Finals: Harrison Bergeron
The End 

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