Cheers was my show growing up. I didn’t begin watching it until it was in its sixth or seventh season (it started when I was just a year old), but I instantly fell in love. I watched it with the family, and when it was on syndication, I was allowed to stay up until 11 pm on school nights so I could watch it.

When I was young, I loved the show for its simplistic humor. Norm’s quips, Carla’s jabs, Cliff’s speeches. Watching the show as an adult, most of those cheap jokes don’t do it for me anymore. Thankfully, the show had way more going for it, mostly superb performances by Ted Danson, Nicholas Colasanto, Kelsey Grammar, and Bebe Neuwirth. I won’t be giving much away that my favorite moments from the show heavily highlight those four actors.

They also heavily favor the Diane and Coach years. While Diane’s character had run its course, both from a romantic standpoint and a why-is-she-still-at-the-bar standpoint, the humor while she was there favored style and wit versus the farce and slapstick often present with Rebecca and Woody around. Still, I enjoyed the show from beginning to end and there are moments from the first episode all the way to the last.

While there might be a couple of spoilers here and there, it’s a comedy, so I wouldn’t worry about this list ruining anything if you plan on watching the show in the future. Besides, many people could reasonably have an entirely different Top 20 for the show and have it be valid.

20. Woody Doesn’t Tell Kelly He’s in a Play
19. 555-6792
18. Diane Gets Hired
17. Diane Leaves the Show
Bonus: Is There An Ernie Pantuso Here?
16. Sam Proposes to…Somebody
15. Food Fight
14. Cliff’s Shock Therapy
13. Sam and Robin Can’t Stop Competing
12. Woody’s Wedding
11. Frederick’s First Word
10. Cliff on Jeopardy
9. Frasier’s Snipe Hunt
8. Harry the Hat Wins at Poker, Thanks to Coach
7. Gary Dies
6. The End
5. Dr. Crane, meet Dr. Sternen
4. An Intelligent Women Would See Through Sam’s BS
3. Coach Forbids His Daughter to Marry
Bonus: The Best Opening Teaser
2. Diane Chooses Sam Malone Over Derek Malone
1. Diane’s Painting

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