Beatles Song Countdown

I fell in love with The Beatles in my mid 20’s, thirty-five years after they disbanded. Most of what I knew of them until then were catchy songs in commercials and the upbeat pop tunes from their early years I’d hear on KQQL. I was blown away when I actually got my hands on the albums and got to hear some of the darker stuff. They’re one of the few bands where I know every song. That said, they still had several flaws and most of the albums had crap filler.

The countdown includes all 215 songs they released together. I didn’t discuss demos, extended jams, or much of the crap that was on the Anthology albums that are barely listenable other than as a curiosity. I will say, though, that Free As A Bird is a pretty decent song. Still not making this countdown. And while I enjoy Let It Be…Naked, my reviews of the songs are what was commercially released before I was born. In other words, all of the major albums plus the non-album singles you can find on the Past Masters collection.

Rather than link to every post I did, I’ll just link to a couple different ways you can consume the countdown.

Start at song 215 and work your way down

A search page that includes all the posts

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