Survivor XV

Survivor XV saw four teams of seven. Our team name was Liam Neeson’s Walrus. It’s a long story. We had a lot of strong writers but the team collapsed pretty quickly after the merge. The merge occurred with twelve writers left, and I was the first one to go.

Below are links to each week’s story. My strongest stories are probably numbers 5, 8, and 9.

Challenge 1: First Meeting
Challenge 2: Choose Your Own Adventure
Challenge 3: 20 Questions
Challenge 4: Rewrite
Challenge 5: Omega Man
Challenge 6: Bantam Bulwyr
Challenge 7: Chicken Dance
Challenge 8: Bygones
Challenge 9: Damn Mutants
Challenge 10: The Hook
Challenge 11: Success
Challenge 12: Old Job, New Job
Challenge 13: Final Meeting
Challenge 14: The Mole
Challenge 15: Best Served Cold

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