Star Trek: The Next Generation

Trek at its best put me on the edge of my seat, made me laugh, made me cry, gave me the chills, or gave me food for thought with a powerful message. Most of these moments got a mention during the episode countdown, so there shouldn’t be a ton of surprises; naturally, my favorite episodes tend to have my favorite moments as well. But there are some excellent episodes (Ship in a Bottle, for instance) that I love but don’t have a single moment that really stands out. And, naturally, there are a few moments from mediocre episodes that still get me to this day.

40. The Romulans Are Back
39. Picard and Crusher Finally Talk
38. Broken Record
37. Kevin Uxbridge’s Confession
36. Seeing Through Geordi’s Eyes
35. All Good Things Come To An End
34. Picard Experiences Temporal Narcosis
33. Geordi Experiences Fake Romulan
32. Data’s Head Saves The Day
31. Riker Tells Picard Where To Stick It
30. Non-Verbal Communication
29. Picard Unleashes Fury on Wesley
28. Barclay’s Holodiction
27. On The Way Back From a Conference
26. Picard Regrets Adultery
25. Picard Defends Himself Against Treason
24. Saucer Separation and Reattachment
23. The Minstrel Boy
22. Is That Tasha?
21. Tapestry
20. Data Wins at Stratagema
19. Picard Goes Toe-to-Toe with Tomalak
18. Can Data Murder?
17. History Never Forgets The Name Enterprise
16. Psychotic Riker
15. Picard Negotiates With the Sheliak
14. Wolf 359
13. Data Makes His New First Officer His Bitch
12. Riker Dines With Klingons
11. Twenty Minutes of Self-Destruct
10. Picard, His Eyes Open
9. Trial For Data’s Life
8. Crusher Learns the Size of the Universe
7. The Picard Brothers Fight
6. Sito Jaxa Dies
5. The Time Loop Begins
4. Resistance Is Not Futile
3. How Many Lights?
2. Picard Becomes Kamen
1. Mr Worf…Fire

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