Early 2013 the wife and I decided to watch Lost on Netflix and plowed through the whole series in about three months. One would think at that pace I would have absolutely loved the show, but sadly that’s not the case. I unequivocally love the first season, but after that it was a roller coaster and more of my memories are annoyance at the writers for dangling plot threads, inconsistent character motivations, and Kate. However, the cliffhangers were usually sufficient for us to keep hitting the play button to see what would happen next.

This countdown (with perhaps one or two exceptions) is highlighting moments instead of full episodes. I felt several episodes that were otherwise lackluster had some good moments, and since continuity is broken so many times for flashbacks, flashforwards, and other Back to the Future II zaniness, the show lends itself to remembering moments more than individual 42 minute blocks.  If I can find readily available video I’ll add them to the posts.

I don’t really want to spend an entire month on this show, so we’ll do two moments a day for two weeks. I’m sure there’ll be a scene or two I completely biff on, but that’s okay. It’s not like I’m reviewing Star Trek.

25. Ethan Shoots Locke
24. Locke Tells Richard to Save Locke
23. Ethan Abducts Claire and Charlie
22. Charlie Kills Ethan
21. Locke and Mr. Eko Discover Pearl Station
20. The Other 48 Days
19. If you say ‘love together, die alone’ to me, Jack…
18. Jughead Explodes
17. Locke Cold Cocks Boone
16. Gary Troup Gets Sucked Into a Turbine
15. Finding the French Woman’s Transmission
14. Sayid Tortures Sawyer
13. Sayid Shoots Avellino
12. And Arzt Goes the Dynamite
11. Light Em Up!
10. Michael Shoots Ana Lucia and Libby
9. Don’t Ever Tell Me What I Can’t Do!
8. Locke’s Fall
7. Charlie’s Greatest Hit
6. Mr. Eko Saves His Brother
5. Waaaaalllllltttt!!!
4. Book Club
3. Desmond Calls Penny
2. Showdown at the Beach
1. Not Penny’s Boat

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