Interactive Fiction

Ever since I was seven years old, standing in an open field, west of a white house, I’ve had a soft spot for text adventures.  While I love full-motion video, point and click, and even the occasional FPS or stealth adventure, much akin to books there’s nothing like a fantastically written game that tickles your imagination.

There are thousands of (mostly) free IF games made by people all over the world.  Some require interpreters to play, some are web-based, and some have their own executable files.  In no way will I ever catch up on all the great games out there, but hopefully I can catalogue some of the finer offerings. I only post reviews of games I don’t like unless I am a fan of the author and am also posting reviews of their games I do enjoy.

Fabularium: Android app that plays most games requiring an interpreter
Frotz: iOS app for Inform and Glulx games
IFdB: Interactive Fiction Database, where you can find all the games
Glulx: Desktop interpreter for Inform and Glulx games
TADS3: Desktop intepreter for TADS games

16 Ways to Kill A Vampire at McDonaldsAbigail CorfmanBrowser2016Short9
AisleSam BarlowInform1999Short7
All Things Devourshalf sick of shadowsInform2004Medium9
AnchorheadMichael GentryInform1998Long10
At Wit’s EndMike SousaTADS2000Medium4
BabelIan FinleyTADS1997Medium10
BabyfaceMark SampleTwine2020Short9
A Change in the WeatherAndrew PlotkinInform1995Medium7
A Dark RoomMichael TownsendiOS, Android, Browser2013Medium8
A Day For Soft FoodTod LeviInform1999Medium5
DetectivelandRobin JohnsonAndroid, Browser2016Short7
The Elysium EnigmaEric EveTADS2006Short5
Fail-SafeJon IngoldInform2000Short8
Fallacy of DawnRobb SherwinHugo2001Medium9
First Things FirstJ. Robinson WheelerTADS2001Long10
GalateaEmily ShortInform2000Short6
The Impossible BottleLinus ÅkessonDialog2020Medium8
KagedIan FinleyTADS2001Medium7
Lock & KeyAdam CadreInform2004Short7
MST3K Presents “Detective”C.E. Forman, Graeme Cree, Stuart MooreInform1995Short7
Necrotic DriftRobb SherwinHugo2004Medium5
No Time To SquealMike Sousa & Robb SherwinTADS2001Short4
PhotopiaAdam CadreInform1998Short9
Shuffling AroundAndrew SchultzInform2012Medium9
Spider and WebAndrew PlotkinInform1998Medium9
Taco FictionRyan VeederInform2011Short7
Tavern CrawlerJosh LabelleTwine2020Short7
TapestryDaniel RavipintoInform1996Short5

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