Top 20 Moments: Final Fantasy VI

Nibbishment and I are teaming up again, this time to countdown the best moments from one of our mutually favorite games of all time. While I’m pretty persistent about calling it Final Fantasy VI, my fond memories are associated with the above cover art.

I named Final Fantasy VI the second best RPG I’ve ever played. See below to find out out why.

20. Feeble Creatures, GO!
19. Go Your Own Pace
18. If This World is a Lonely Place for You…
17. Protect Banon
16. Rachel Comes Back…Briefly
15. Meeting Kefka
14. Dancing Mad
13. Breaking Celes Out
12. Leo Dies
11. Don’t Tease the Octopus, Kids
10. Kefka Kills the Espers
9. Kefka Destroys the World
8. Edgar Rigs a Coin Toss
7. The Death of Doma
6. Divide and Conquer
5. Introduction
4. Celes’ Lonely Island
3. Opera House
2. Phantom Train
1. Vector

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