Play With The Prose–Fiction 59 Round Robin

This contest was a round robin where each contestant faced off against fifteen other writers, head-to-head. The top six made the playoffs. I squeaked into the playoffs as the #6 seed. I wound up losing in the semifinals on a 2-1 judge’s decision.

Below are the topic and results for each week.

Week 1: Showdown (L)
Week 2: Journal (L)
Week 3: Love Story (W)
Week 4: Playground Equipment (L)
Week 5: Jerks (W)
Week 6: Apology (W)
Week 7: Rock Concert (W)
Week 8: Crisis (W)
Week 9: Joke (L)
Week 10: Excuse (W)
Week 11: Mall Santa (W)
Week 12: Un-English (W)
Week 13: Guns (W)
Week 14: Tall Tale (L)
Week 15: Christmas Carol Ghosts (L)

Quarterfinals: Revenge
Semifinals: Road Trip

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