98: Identity Crisis (4.18)

Synopsis:  Geordi is close friends with a woman and doesn’t fall in love and blow it.

Memory Alpha Summary:  And that’s not even the identity crisis

Review:  A plodding episode that it short on excitement but still has some sweet special effects.  The best part is Geordi running simulations on the holodeck and slowing figuring things out, simultaneously creeping himself out.  But I wasn’t moved at all by the ending.  I never truly bought this deep friendship Geordi had with this woman from years back, and the climax where she saves him is painfully slow with obvious dialogue.

5 thoughts on “98: Identity Crisis (4.18)”

  1. I have seen this episode exactly once, and I’ve always wanted to see it again, because I remembered liking lots of it. I wonder how it would hold up for me.

    1. I used to like it quite a bit. It might be another example of awesome special effects hiding major problems with the script that I picked up on while listening to it.

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