14: Ship in a Bottle (6.12)

Synopsis: Professor Moriarty, upset he didn’t get to fill Pulaski with crumpets, commandeers the ship.

Memory Alpha Summary: A little device sitting on someone’s table.

Review:  Now this is everything Elementary, My Dear Data was not.  There is a tension throughout as we try to navigate all the twists and turns.  Moriarty is once again brilliantly played by Daniels Davis, and Barclay is a perfect fit.  The ending is cunning and sweet.  A near perfect episode.

6 thoughts on “14: Ship in a Bottle (6.12)”

    1. Everything from probably #8 thru #20 I could flip flop depending on my mood.

      This episode never felt to me like a “holodeck episode.” It feels like a Moriarty episode. Part of that is that the acting is top level. But I also think it’s because the plot doesn’t revolve around a holodeck malfunction (but rather a manipulation).

      1. I agree with Beau that this one doesn’t feel like a “holodeck” episode. I’d probably still have a couple ahead of it, but I know I loved it, and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, so who knows, maybe it would go this high for me.

  1. After much reflection, I’ve decided that this episode totally deserves to be at least this high.

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