Mega Man 4, 5, 6

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Year:  1991, 1992, 1993

Reason It Could Make Top 100: Well, it’s Mega Man.  I have played the first three games.  And, because I’m listing these three games, you can bet at least one of the first three made the top 100 as well.  Capcom games, especially these, have quality controls, good music, and fun level designs and bosses.

Reason It’s Not There Yet:  To be honest, I just don’t care.  The first three were so similar to one another that I had little desire to keep going.  I feel the same way about the real Super Mario Bros 2, NHL 95, Oracles of Ages (I played Seasons first) as well as Spirit Tracks (I played Phantom Hourglass first).  I don’t want to play the same game more than once, even if it is excellent.  I realize it’s a fine line I’m drawing in the sand.  I will say I felt Mega Man 2 was different enough from the first game to avoid this distinction.  I did not feel the same way about Mega Man 3.  And from what I’ve read, the next three games in the series aren’t terribly original.

Questions for Readers:  Considering what I wrote above, should I go ahead and play these games anyway?  Is there something about any of them that would blow me away?

4 thoughts on “Mega Man 4, 5, 6”

  1. You’ve already played the best one (2) so if lack of originality is your gripe, there’s really no reason to plow through. The bosses do get a little more inventive, though, and the final levels are always cool and provide some originality.

    All in all, I’d suggest playing them anyway, but I have a hard-on for the series, so there you go.

    1. and I don’t have a hard-on for the series, so there I go. Also, I’m so bad at these games I would need to use the game genie to get through them (for some reason, I don’t have the hours I had as a kid to remember enemy patterns)

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