44: Duck Tales

Genre: Platformer

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Year: 1989

Basic Idea: Solve a mystery or rewrite history!  Wooo-ooooh!

Review: Another great effort by Capcom with a license, this is a solid platformer that I won as a kid over several rentals.  You control Scrooge McDuck, trying to get as much money as possible while killing bosses who try to get in your way of more money.  Control is solid and creative, with your cane able to be used as a weapon or a pogo stick.  The music is fantastic and the graphics are above average.

The gameplay is similar to Mega Man in that you choose the order of the stages, but the game is non-linear, requiring you to come back some stages later.  This would be annoying if the game was huge, but it’s pretty well contained.  If the play control had been just a little bit tighter, I would have likely ranked it higher.  As it stands, it’s still pretty damned good.

One thought on “44: Duck Tales”

  1. This one’s way up there for me. The controls could be a pain, but I got used to them because I played it all the damned time.

    I was going to call out the awesome scope of the final boss, Fat Cat, but I’m pretty sure that was Rescue Rangers. I can’t remember who the final boss was of this one.

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