36: Pro Wrestling

Genre: Wrestling

Developer: TRY
Publisher: Nintendo
Year: 1987

Basic Idea: Wrestle like the pros do.  Button mash!

Review: We had four cartridges the first day we got our Nintendo.  All four games made the list, and Pro Wrestling is ranked the highest.  Considering it’s little more than a button-mashing game, the ranking may be generous.  But pretty much everything else about the game is perfect.  You have seven distinct wrestlers with distinct special moves (my favorite has always been Fighter Hyabusa, though I’m not sure why).  The controls are very easy to learn.  The graphics are bland but well-detailed; it’s easy to tell what moves are being performed in all their-bone crushing glory.  There is actual tension, especially when you are close to being pinned or when you’re out of the ring and trying to beat the 20 second rule.  And I love the long trek to try and defeat the Great Puma and win the game.  To this day, I’ve only done it once.  

The game if played for any length of time will surely make your fingers tired and calloused.  Still it’s worth it to know that a winner is you!

8 thoughts on “36: Pro Wrestling”


    I did his body block more times than I can count. I also won this game more times than I can count.

    We played a tournament of this one year at my birthday party. The guys who wrestled the first match went thirty minutes. It was ridiculous.

    1. I guess I don’t remember 2-player mode all that well. Against the PC, it’s three minutes and the match is over no matter what.

    2. You probably already know this, but an independant wrestler with a Starman gimmick was recently kicked out of a WWE Raw event.

      1. I don’t know how this is possible, but I hadn’t heard that. That’s hilarious.

        I assume DC Comics made a claim? I doubt very much that the game still has any rights over those names. I’d love if a Kin Korn Karn showed up.

        1. Not sure if video works the same way over here, but here’s the footage. It was just a couple weeks ago. I also highly recommend watching some match footage of the guy. His movements are very 2D sprite based.

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