Play With The Prose II, Challenge 10: Excuse

This week we had to come up with a 59-word story that involved someone making an excuse for someone else.

“I hate math!  I’ll never finish in time!” Jenny threw her notebook on the floor.

Bosco was smart. He didn’t know what Jenny said, but knew she was upset. Not at him, but at the paper.  When Jenny left, Bosco got an idea. He sniffed the paper, determined it was safe, and began chewing.  Jenny would be so proud!

MATTHEW: Awwww, Bosco! You good doggie. I like you and your story, so you would have won even if the dog hadn’t eaten Story 1. WINNER: #2

ANDY: Cute. Nice work getting the character of Jenny across in a short space, it works. And I chuckled. Instant win against a non-sub. I have a feeling this might have been good enough against real competition anyway.

Novak – #2 would have probably won anyway.  I was hoping for something like this, but the execution here is top-notch.

Result vs. Colin Woolston: WIN (3-0)

Current Record: 6-4

Next Match-Up: Will Young (4-6)

My opponent didn’t show up this week, so it was a free win.  Glad the judges liked it besides!

3 thoughts on “Play With The Prose II, Challenge 10: Excuse”

  1. I’m just now finally reading this. I love well-written dogs. Dean Koontz would be proud.

    “Bosco was smart” is a great, self-aware line.

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