Album Creator: Johnny Cash

While making this countdown I lamented some artists who didn’t have any of their albums make the cut. So I figured every once in a while we’ll stop the countdown to talk about them and I’ll post a fantasy album of theirs that would have made the cut if it existed.

Johnny Cash started his career when buying singles was way more popular than buying entire albums. Albums would sometimes leave off high-charting singles, or conversely, a high-charting single would make it on four or five different albums, making some albums seem retroactively like greatest hits collections. However, his career did span over 40 years and he did release 55 studio albums. I haven’t listened to all of them, but I have listened to a great deal of his work and have always found a lot of the album filler to be lacking. He had a late resurgence in the 90s with the American albums, but I don’t really care much for those either.

A lot of Cash’s songs center around the underprivileged and he tells a lot of stories, which I appreciate. His guitar playing was always a bit rudimentary and he didn’t always uh…get rhythm, but he put out enough great songs that I could make an awesome album out of them.

I figure fifteen songs should be the max for this experiment, as any good album should never be too long. So, as such, these are my fifteen favorite songs by Johnny Cash.

Hey Porter
Folsom Prison Blues
I Walk the Line
Rock Island Line
Big River
Oh, What a Dream
Home of the Blues
Give My Love to Rose
The Ways of a Woman in Love
Frankie’s Man Johnny
Tennessee Flat Top Box
Understand Your Man
Sunday Morning Coming Down
Cocaine Blues

Any songs you would have to add to your fantasy album?  Would any of Cash’s albums make your theoretical countdown?

6 thoughts on “Album Creator: Johnny Cash”

  1. I only have one Johnny Cash album (American IV – The Man Comes Around).

    “Hurt” and “The Man Comes Around” are my favorites off that one, but I doubt it would make my top 75 albums.

  2. 2 on your list I really like: I Walk The Line and Sunday Morning Coming Down. I like some of the others, too. Heck, I like almost everything by Johnny. A few not on your list that I like are: I’ve Been Everywhere, Ring of Fire, Five Feet High and Rising

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