48: Old Enough to Know Better (Wade Hayes)

Album: Old Enough to Know Better
Artist: Wade Hayes
Year: 1994

1. Don’t Make Me Come to Tulsa
2. I’m Still Dancin’ With You
3. Old Enough to Know Better
4. Kentucky Bluebird
5. Don’t Stop
6. What I Meant to Say
7. Steady as She Goes
8. Family Reunion
9. Someone Had to Teach You
10. It’s Gonna Take a Miracle

My favorite two tracks on the album were not singles. Where have we heard that before?

Wade Hayes burst onto the country scene with a number one hit in Old Enough to Know Better. It would be his last number one song. In fact, he had six top ten hits, his first album producing four. And then his career spiraled steadily downward. In 1997, he released a cover of Glen Campbell’s Wichita Lineman, which is one of my favorite songs. But it tanked so badly that the album was delayed. After his fourth album failed to produce any Top 40 songs, he went twelve years without recording. Yowzers.

His debut album still holds up today, though. The title track is pretty damn solid. Don’t Stop sounds like a classic rocker. What I Meant to Say is a decent ballad with a pretty cool music video shot backwards. Kentucky Bluebird is a gorgeous Keith Whitley cover. Steady as She Goes is a cover of a rare Brooks & Dunn song. In fact, looking at all of the covers Wade Hayes did, I like nearly all of his versions better.

My favorite song is Family Reunion, about a guy who was raised by his mother, and after his father dies he brings his body back so he and his mother can have a funeral and be with him one last time. Yeah, I tend to like really depressing songs, but at least this one ends on a high note.

One thought on “48: Old Enough to Know Better (Wade Hayes)”

  1. 1993-1994 mark the time that a few friends of mine were desperately trying to get me into country, which as you know, never really took (though I have some favorite tracks from around that time). Wade Hayes was a name I heard all the time, and years down the road, his name would run through my head and I’d casually wonder what had happened to him. Now I know.

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