40: Forget About It (Alison Krauss)

Album: Forget About It
Artist: Alison Krauss
Year: 1999

1. Stay
2. Forget About It
3. It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference
4. Maybe
5. Empty Hearts
6. Never Got Off the Ground
7. Ghost in This House
8. It Don’t Matter Now
9. That Kind of Love
10. Could You Lie
11. Dreaming My Dreams With You

I remember my first migraine. I was about 21 or so and I was driving home and thought it was just a regular headache, but it got so bad that I could barely open my eyes without it feeling like daggers were piercing through my skull. I tried to make myself dinner but half-way through nearly vomited. So I took some Excedrin, drank some water, turned off all the lights, and popped in my dad’s CD of Forget About It. Within twenty minutes, my migraine was gone.

Alison’s voice is angelic here, and it’s obvious within seconds. Stay and Forget About It are an amazing one-two punch. Annoyingly, the third song is a flop in lyric and tone, but she redeems herself with Maybe, my favorite song of hers. The rest of the album is less impressive, especially musically, but it remains very relaxing throughout. Could You Lie is my next favorite, with Never Got Off the Ground and It Don’t Matter Now also solid.

2 thoughts on “40: Forget About It (Alison Krauss)”

  1. I like just about everything of hers I’ve heard, but I haven’t heard this disc. Remind me when I’m off work tonight.

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