The Buck Stops Here

My list inspiration fizzled this weekend, so for this week anyway you get to sample some of my poetry. Don’t worry, this is not the angsty high-school stuff; I’m shielding everyone–even myself–from that. Thankfully, I had some fun ones, especially during undergrad. You’ll notice I enjoy antrhopomorphizing animals.

One day I was driving, down highway sixty one
When I ran over a squirrel, who was blinded by the sun

I blamed the sun for squirrel’s death
It was too bright for him
But the sun said my apologies
I’m burning hydrogen

So I blamed Lee Iacocca
For building shitty cars
But he said roads will have them
Until we settle Mars

So I blamed the squirrel’s parents
For him not learning how to cross
But they said humans built the roads
It’s your fault for our loss

So I blamed God for squirrel’s death
For He’s kept humans thriving
And when He did not respond
I smiled and kept on driving

I passed the buck, and now content, with the squirrel dying
I got home, out of my car, and then was struck by lightning

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