To Err Is Human?

Last week turned out to be fairly popular (and I’m still working on my next list) so this week you get the rest of my poetry that’s okay for public consumption. Hope it’s not too angsty for ya’ll.

To err is human
But I will contend
That err is subjective
As human minds bend

To change is human
Just look to the past
But compared to our fathers
Our knowledge is vast

To grow is human
But remember we die
And to say we’re more moral
Would just be a lie

To die is human
The end of the line
But that would not make us
Different from swine

To believe is human
That somwhere is hope
But where has hope got us
How can we cope

To love is human
Most wonderful state
Seemingly flawless
But what about hate

To err is not human
Of that I’m aware
But even more likely
To human is err

2 thoughts on “To Err Is Human?”

  1. It’s a sharp diversion from where we were, that’s for sure. It’s smells of teen spirit, and the whimsy occasionally feels out of place, but there’s some nice wordplay, too.

    Much like mine up to age 18, the style is just more conducive to the lighter side.

    …actually, let’s say 19. My first year of college was more angst-ridden than high school.

    1. Yeah, it’s the second poem I wrote and I was…17? I was incredibly cynical then, but I thought this was just whimsical enough.

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