Jerry Zucker

Jerry has not been as active as his brother, directing only three movies without him, none of them slapstick. He doesn’t have much of a career to judge.

First Knight: A King Arthur tale with Sean Connery, Richard Gere, and Julia Armond. Pretty straightforward and pretty dull.

Grade: D

Ghost: When I was younger I was crazy about this movie. I cried every time I saw it despite its over sentimentality. But now it’s pretty much sunk into average movie territory for me. The acting is okay at best and I don’t find Tony Goldwyn’s portrayal of the bad guy to be terribly convincing, especially since he seems obviously scummy from the get go and Demi Moore doesn’t notice. Whoopi Goldberg is funny at times, but the shtick gets a bit old by the end. And it frustrates me to no end that Demi Moore is willing to kiss Whoopi Goldberg because she believes Patrick Swayze’s ghost is now inside of her, but when the moment happens, Goldberg magically turns into Swayze. They had a chance in 1990 to do something special but they chickened out. Bleck. The biggest highlight for me is Vincent Schiavelli freaking me the hell out down on the subway platform.

Grade: C+

Airplane! See David Zucker

Grade: A-

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One thought on “Jerry Zucker”

  1. Yeah, Vincent Schiavelli was great. I have nothing more to add here. Ghost was pretty stupid for me, even as a youth. I remember being quite hard on the acting.

    I technically “saw” First Knight but made out with my girlfriend at the time for the whole thing. I don’t remember anything about it.

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