David Fincher

Even though I’ve only seen four of his movies, I can confidently say David Fincher is one of the world’s best directors, and that he really likes working with Brad Pitt. He really can pull the viewer into not just the movie, but the lives of each of his characters. I can also confidently say that I really need to see The Social Network.

Alien 3: Sigourney Weaver is now getting stalked by the alien. I really couldn’t get into this mess, though there are far worse movies. This one can’t be pinned on Fincher at all, as he had almost no control of the movie and things were changed without his consent. His first movie, and thankfully the experience didn’t dissuade him from continuing his career.

Grade: D

The Game: Sean Penn tells his uptight brother Michael Douglas to get some testing done as part of a birthday gift he prepared for him. Unfortunately for Douglas, shortly after the testing his life begins to fall apart. Strangers come after him and he finds himself in a life-and-death psychological game to save his life. Great fun and really tense the first go-round. Sadly, the ending negates the entire film and it’s not near as enjoyable upon repeated viewings. It also doesn’t help that Douglas is simply not a good actor. He doesn’t ruin the movie, but he’s not really good with any emotion other than pissed.

Grade: B+

Se7en: Detectives Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman investigate a killer (Kevin Spacey) who is systematically disposing of people he feels are in gross violation of one of the seven deadly sins. Extremely well-acted and a knockout ending. I wish it had been a bit more suspenseful, but that’s just nitpicking.

Grade: A-

Fight Club: A burnt out office employee (Edward Norton) first turns to support groups to help with his depression. He meets a girl (Helena Bonham Carter) and things are beginning to look up.  Things take a turn when he teams up with an enthusiastic, care-free soap salesman (Brad Pitt) to develop fight clubs that help men vent their aggression. Brutal, visceral, and a complete mindfuck without being terribly manipulative. Simply brilliant.

Grade: A

Other David Fincher Movies You May Have Seen

The Social Network
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Panic Room
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

One thought on “David Fincher”

  1. Ah, Fincher. Definitely a major favorite. His struggles with Alien3 are incredible. I’d recommend the special features on that film wholeheartedly to anyone interested in the business.

    I’ve seen those you’ve seen, plus The Social Network and Zodiac. Social is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, with a soundtrack that I spin constantly. Zodiac is fine enough, though it’s responsible for the dumbest online reviews I’ve ever read. Everywhere I turned, people were whining that it didn’t have enough closure. Many didn’t realize that it’s a true story, and others knew but thought the movie should have taken license and tied it up.


    First of all, you can’t make a movie about the BTK killer and have him get caught. It would be a huge insult to anyone effected by the tragedy. At least they got him in the movie!

    Plus, what’s the obsession with bad guys losing in every movie? I know what sells tickets, but if good guys win in everything, why should I ever, ever see a movie? Why get invested in a foregone conclusion? Even setting aside the issues of good guys winning in this one, I hate that attitude?

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