Law & Order II: Double Or Nothing

Publisher: Legacy Interactive
Developer: Legacy Interactive
Year: 2003
Platform: Windows

I can nearly copy and paste my review from Dead On The Money.

Only two things were essentially changed in the second episode. One, there is blissfully no longer a time limit, giving you ample time to search the environment without the nagging (and unrealistically fast) clock. And, of course, the plot has changed. We’re still dealing with a murder, but this time it’s over a scientist and his breakthrough research and various interest groups involved with him.

Law & Order II: Double or Nothing Windows Getting started

The story line is slightly more engaging than that in the prequel, but the remaining flaws are still present. There are still lock-and-key puzzles that shouldn’t exist in a cop’s world. And, if it’s possible, this adventure is even easier, giving the beginner only a few obstacles over what amounts to a couple of days of play.

If you like the show or the first game, you’ll likely enjoy Double Or Nothing as well. But don’t look for any breakthroughs. At least the money on the actors wasn’t wasted.

Law & Order II: Double or Nothing Windows The preliminary hearing

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