19: Gulp!

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“I hate that fish. He just gulps you and you’re dead. Fucking bullshit.”

– Some eloquent YouTube Commenter


You get messily devoured a couple of times the first time you encounter him. After all, he’s one of the very few enemies that can kill Mario no matter how powered up he is. He feeds on your complacency. He doesn’t care that you have a raccoon tail or a fire flower (well, technically, he might care a bit about that). You’re just swimming along, and suddenly – GULP – you’re back to the world map. You’re just bait to him.


Exhibit A: Mario about to be reduced to chum


The first time you see him isn’t even that hard. If you keep to the platforms, it’s very possible to bypass him entirely.

The second time, you won’t be so lucky. Sure, if you’re quick, you can keep out of the water using the provided ladders, but more likely than not, you’ll have to go toe to toe with him on his turf, and then… God help you.

Thank God for fire flowers.


One of the most satisfying “early game” moments in Mario history

One thought on “19: Gulp!”

  1. I was terrified of that fucker. Just today I was wondering if the fish would make an appearance. Turns out I never got an email alert for #19.

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