Mr. Baseball

Year: 1992
Director: Fred Schepisi

Summary: A fading baseball player is traded to a Japanese team and has trouble fitting into the society.

Times Watched: 1

My Experience: I don’t remember much about Mr. Baseball. I saw it when I was a teenager and gave it a terrible rating at that time. And when my indiscriminate teenage self hated a baseball movie, you know it’s bad. From the summaries I’ve read, it’s more or less a formulaic baseball movie filled with redemption and a surprising comeback yada yada. Formulaic is fine, but the one thing I remember is disliking Tom Selleck’s character so much that I didn’t buy his redemption story. Sadly, this is not the worst baseball movie ever, nor the worst baseball movie to take place in Japan.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Baseball”

  1. Some of the baseball scenes aren’t horrible, and the chant that the crowd does is stuck on in my head all these years later despite having seen this movie once fifteen years ago, but yeah, this movie is pretty much garbage.

  2. Eh. I don’t remember hating this, but I think I saw it while high with a few friends in high school, so whatever.

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