Final Fantasy VI: Top 20 Moments

Nibbishment and I are teaming up again, this time to countdown the best moments from one of our mutually favorite games of all time. While I’m pretty persistent about calling it Final Fantasy VI, my fond memories are associated with the above cover art.

I named Final Fantasy VI the second best RPG I’ve ever played. Starting Monday, we’ll be doing the play-by-play as to why.

6 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VI: Top 20 Moments”

  1. I’m a tad disappointed not to be in on this. I’ve probably put about three to four hundred hours into this game.

      1. Let me start now: why wouldn’t you include the moment where you find the “Tritoch” esper? Sure, it’s fairly banal on the surface, but it’s foreshadowed at the end of the very first major scene!!!!

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