135. Treachery, Faith, And The Great River (7.06)

Synopsis: Odo is contacted by Weyoun, who reveals that he wants to defect to the Federation. Meanwhile, O’Brien and Nog sail down the Great Material Continuum.

Memory Alpha SummaryA rather short defection

Review: A defecting Weyoun is a fantastic concept to explore, but unfortunately the A-Plot here dumps too much new info all at once; we’ve had many Weyouns so far; they have an instant kill switch; and the Founders are dying. The result is a rushed episode and the feeling the final season is also being rushed.

I’m a bit intrigued by what’s happening to the Founders, but Odo having to deal yet again with a Vorta worshiping him didn’t really move me. My favorite part was watching Odo give Kira a shapeshifter massage.  One can only imagine what other things he can do for her.

The B-plot with Nog trading everyone else’s stuff to help O’Brien help an out-of-character jackass Sisko is embarrassing and has been done too many times on this show. Very sitcom level stuff.

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