130. Shakaar (3.24)

Synopsis: Kira’s old Resistance leader’s refusal to return some farming equipment to the Bajoran Government nearly starts a civil war.

Memory Alpha SummarySame thing happened to me on Farmville

Review: An episode that had issues with rewrites and problems shooting due to weather and it shows. Not only that, we have a silly B-plot regarding O’Brien being great at darts that rudely interrupts on more than one occasion a somewhat tense A-plot about Kai Winn’s attempt to rise to political power. Just an awkward mess.

Louise Fletcher is great as usual, though the writing for her character is a bit of a letdown here. While she is subtle at the beginning, she makes several mistakes trying to rush to political power too quickly. This seems off character for her, and indeed, her presence in this episode was added in after the fact to give the script some tension. This type of plot for Kai Winn would need at least two episodes to give it justice

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