129. Blood Oath (2.19)

Synopsis: Three old Klingon warriors reunite on Deep Space 9, seeking Curzon Dax, with whom they entered into a blood oath to one day exact revenge on an enemy for killing the warriors’ firstborn sons. Finding Jadzia as worthy a warrior as they felt Curzon to be, she joins the Klingons in completing their vendetta.

Memory Alpha Summary: Rapid evolution

Review: While it’s cool that they brought back the three actors from TOS to reprise their roles, this time as elderly Klingon (complete with new forehead ridges!), I have a hard time caring about the blood oath itself.

Revenge is not that compelling of a storyline unless something else is at stake, and nothing really is here. The show does add a bit of depth to Jadzia’s character, but the writers chicken out by not having her deliver the kill shot. While it’s probably more realistic that she doesn’t, it kind of makes the episode pointless to have her stand back, playing it Federation safe.

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