115. Bar Association (4.16)

Synopsis: Quark’s employees, led by Rom, form a union against Quark’s unfair labor practices and promptly go on strike.

Memory Alpha SummaryPasses the low bar set for Ferengi episodes

Review: As far as Ferengi episodes, not overly obnoxious. But I can’t get that excited over an hour long surface-level debate about unions.

I did enjoy a few scenes here. I’ve always like Rom’s character and him taking it to Quark repeatedly with confidence was fun. And I really liked the scene where Odo nonchalantly reminds Worf of all the security breaches that happened on the Enterprise, while simultaneously reminding the viewer how much more fucking interesting Deep Space Nine is than a galaxy class starship. And I enjoyed the surprise of Rom changing jobs. One of the issues with TNG is that for the most part, nobody changes anything about their lives, especially from season 3 on.  DS9 was willing to shake things up regularly, which kept things fresh. 

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