43. Heart of Stone (3.14)

Synopsis: Searching for a Maquis raider on an unstable moon, Kira is trapped in an expanding crystal formation that threatens to engulf her if Odo cannot set her free. Meanwhile, Nog attempts to persuade a skeptical Commander Benjamin Sisko to write him a letter of recommendation to join Starfleet Academy.

Memory Alpha Summary: Nog did not call him HU-mahn in his speech

Review: Strong acting performance by Aujerbonois here. He makes us believe he’s in love with Kira. It kind of feels like a cheat that he pours out his heart with no ramifications (as we find out Kira is really a Changeling), but it does add another scary level to the Founders.

They’re not just killing machines like the Borg; they have enough pride that they want to convince Odo to come back to them, and they don’t bum rush any situation without carefully analyzing it covertly. 

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