37. Who Mourns For Morn? (6.12)

Synopsis: Morn dies, leaving his entire estate to Quark, but some of Morn’s old acquaintances want a piece of the action.

Memory Alpha SummaryAnd still silent

Review: Now this is classic Trek comedy. Episodes about these kind of one-note characters can easily fall flat (e.g. most episodes about Zoidberg in Futurama), but this one is a blast. Morn’s death brings out so much backstory (delivered with some excellent deadpan) that I was giddy the whole way through. I was a little less enamored with Quark’s chase for Morn’s estate, especially since every single step of it was predictable. The characters who played his adversaries, though, were great. I especially liked the two brothers who were chasing the money and none of the actors overplayed their roles as thieves.  

I think most people would also guess the twist ending, though I was having enough fun that it came upon me rather quickly.  

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