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41: Gasoline (Theory of a Deadman)

Album: Gasoline
Artist: Theory of a Deadman
Year: 2005

1. Hating Hollywood
2. No Way Out
3. No Surprise
4. Quiver
5. Santa Monica
6. Better Off
7. Say Goodbye
8. Hello Lonely (Walk Away From This)
9. Me & My Girl
10. Since You’ve Been Gone
11. Hell Just Ain’t the Same
12. Save the Best for Last
13. In the Middle

Signed by Nickelback and sounding very much like them, I’m not a huge fan of this band overall. Their songs all begin to sound the same after a while. Case in point, there are thirteen songs on this album, and I think eleven of them are about a recent breakup. But I really dig several songs here, and there’s none I outright dislike, so the whole album gets spun on a regular basis.

I was turned on to this album thanks to the video game Fahrenheit, as four songs of theirs were highlighted on the soundtrack. Three of those four are in my top 500 songs (and the fourth, No Way Out, is pretty good, too), which probably increased my enjoyment of the game. Santa Monica, objectively, isn’t that original lyrically or musically, but for some reason it really resonates with me. It probably is the least Nickelback sounding song on the album. Other than those four tracks, my favorite is probably Hating Hollywood, since it belies the fact that Tyler Connolly is about to ambush you with tortuous tales of his recent relationship.

The version of this album I have unfortunately hides all of the cursing. While there isn’t much, it really ruins the song No Surprise. Thankfully, I also have the Fahrenheit soundtrack, so I was able to combine them for a full, uncensored album.