Survivor X, Challenge 2: Community Story

This week our goal was to get with our seven teammates and create a story.  Each of us wrote a different section and we then had to make them mesh.  My section (sixth of eight) was “Rallying The Troops” and I went as metaphorical as I feasibly could with that, as the only troops were a single man and his conscience.  You can read the whole story here.  Our team did very well with an overall score of 4/5 from the judges, and we do not have to eliminate anybody this week.

And here’s my part, alone.

“Damn Gipetto,” Roger muttered, as he put his hand on the stick. He stayed on the gas for a quarter mile, but his conscience eventually ran out of plausible excuses for not turning back. He glanced at the clock, sighed, and took the next ramp.

As he approached the wretched man, Roger looked for signs of life but saw nothing obvious. Part of him hoped he would fine none, as much for the man’s sake as his own. But as he nudged the man’s arm with his boot, he heard a faint cough. “Alright, buddy,” Roger whispered, hoisting the man up and into the bed of his truck. “You owe me one.”

Driving faster than even he considered safe, Roger looked down at his new passenger, as well as the fresh blood now staining the seat. His stare was greeted with one from the stranger. “Thank you,” the man said, his voice trembling.

“You got a name?” Roger asked.
“A last name?”
His new friend passed out.

And the judge’s reactions.

Spooky: I suppose we’re getting metaphorical with the “rallying the troops” thing, but I’m guessing every team will do that. I’m starting to see that it’s difficult to score these without thinking of the rest of the story, by the way. Maybe just one score would have made sense. On the other hand, I may feel that way only because this team has been VERY good at keeping the style consistent throughout. 4

DK:  Strong consistent atmosphere, and something about the way this one is written strikes me a little bit more than the other ones (just the effectiveness of the language or something). 5

And that, my friends, is my first ever score of five in Survivor.


12 thoughts on “Survivor X, Challenge 2: Community Story”

  1. Spooky gave me the bidness for scoring so many people lower than he did, but at least I can point to this one!

    1. Gave you the bidness? In what way was bidness given?

      I would have been more concerned if voting was all over the map. If I’m consistently one point above you on a challenge, that doesn’t bother me.

      1. Just turning the phrase, not serious. I know you were a little surprised I was lower than you on this one, though.

      2. Fun fact: The average on this challenge (3.91) is the highest of any challenge in VII, VIII, or X save the Mime challenge in the WGOM version (avg = 4.33).

        Spreadsheets are fun.

          1. Yeah, I had the worst one on that one (both objectively and score-wise), and I wasn’t horrified by how badly I did, everyone else’s was just top-freaking notch.

          2. I wouldn’t say 3/3 was performing “badly.” It was just dwarfed by the awesomeness of everybody else. Besides, you got them back with your anomaly cat with the buttered bread tied to its back.

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