168: Too Short A Season (1.16)

Synopsis:  Insane Admiral #1 negotiates a hostage situation (that he helped create), hoping his terrible makeup will scare off his adversary, or at least fall off and make him younger.

Memory Alpha Summary:  Just one dose.

Review:  While The Next Generation is one of my favorite shows, there are a handful of episodes that Gul Madred couldn’t get me to admit I enjoyed.  When trying to decide which one to rank in the bottom spot, I thought about how each of the episodes in that handful make me feel.  Some evoke annoyance.  Some irritation.  Some even deserve the double facepalm.  But in each of those cases, I felt something.  Too Short A Season fails for forty-two minutes to make me feel anything.  No humor.  No tension.  I could not even get worked up about how irrational Ponce de LeAdmiral was acting because I didn’t believe a single thing any character said.   And there was a lot to be said, as the climax was talking, talking, and more talking.

In other words, boring on top of boring.

7 thoughts on “168: Too Short A Season (1.16)”

    1. That’s definitely another argument in my favor. I spent a whole lotta time not caring what happened to the guy. The resolution had no poignancy, no impact. Picard makes some flippant remark about the search for youth being futile. Thanks for that, captain.

  1. I don’t remember this one at all. There are very few that I haven’t seen (though for most of them it’s been over a decade), so I have to assume that I have seen it, but if your summary is accurate, I probably wouldn’t have remembered it, anyway.

    Boring, nondescript writing was a real problem in that first season. Some of the episodes I’ve seen lately from the first season make me wonder how on earth a second season was commissioned.

    1. I think two things saved them from cancellation: Patrick Stewart, and the rabid fan base from the first series showing up anyway.

  2. I was thinking of four or five possibilities before this one (not including Shades of Gray) but this is a good choice.

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