67: Face of the Enemy (6.14)

Synopsis:  Troi becomes a Romulan, and unfortunately, doesn’t stay that way.

Memory Alpha Summary:  Meet the Tal Shiar, a more galactic KGB.

Review:  So during this episode we wind up on the Romulan border.  In the previous episode (Aquiel), we were on the Klingon border.  Two episodes before that (Chain of Command) we were on the Cardassian border.  Does the Enterprise ever stay in one place?

Anyway, Troi finally gets an episode about her that doesn’t suck.  Her empathic skills are put to good use and her ability to improvise in a terrifying situation is fun to see and gives her character more depth, and strength.  My main quibble is that Spock’s cowboy diplomacy is now obviously including kidnapping and murder.  Picard seems to dismiss a little too easily that Spock’s guidance led his own officer to be terrorized in the name of long-term benefit.  I would imagine he (and the rest of the crew) wouldn’t be so immediately delighted at the end about obtaining the defector.

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