16. Visionary (3.17)

Synopsis: After receiving a minor dose of radiation poisoning, O’Brien inexplicably begins experiencing a series of jumps into the near future. Meanwhile, a Romulan delegation arrives on the station, expecting an intelligence report on the Dominion.

Memory Alpha SummaryBack From The Future

Review: I love most episodes that involve time travel, and this one has a unique twist I’ve never seen before (jumping into the future a short time, interacting with that environment, then jumping back with new info).  It requires a ton of technobabble to make it work, and it barely squeaks by. Colm Meaney helps a great deal as it’s easy to connect with his struggle. There’s one joke “I hate temporal mechanics,” that is used to explain away the obvious paradoxes. It’s lame, but at least it acknowledges how confusing things get. The ride is really fun so I forgave it pretty easily. 

One thing that bothered me is that it’s described fairly early that a singularity is orbiting the space station. I know the characters of the show weren’t hanging out with Deanna Troi during season 6 of TNG, but you’d think at least one of them would know that Romulans use a quantum singularity as their power source. I had that plot point figured out way before the Starfleet Officers, which bothers me. 

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