96: Lode Runner

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Brøderbund
Publisher: Brøderbund
Year: 1987

Basic Idea:  Dig holes to trap bad robots, while collecting gold and escaping to the next level.  Repeat 149 more times.

Review: It’s a wonder I never played this game in DOS or on an Apple II when I was a kid.  If I had, you can bet I would have spent a ton of time with it.  While not as complex as I would like from my puzzle games, Lode Runner is pretty easy to learn and level design is unique enough to warrant continued playing.   Play control is slightly rigid, which is not fun when robots are hurtling at you, but after some time it’s easy to adjust to.  And while I didn’t use it, it was one of the first games in history to have a level editor.

9 thoughts on “96: Lode Runner”

  1. I remember playing a ton of Jetpack, which was essentially a mid-90’s clone of this one with prettier graphics and more interesting monsters. It also had a level editor, and I made hundreds of levels.

  2. That is a wonder. I played the ever-loving crap out of this on my IIe, with its primitive, blocky graphics, and loved it. The NES version looked much better but played slightly worse. My instinct says this is about where I’d put it on my own list.

    I think I attempted the level editor but found myself impatient with a non-writing undertaking that large. That’s still true about me…LittleBigPlanet has the best level creator ever made and I’ve never used it.

    1. I have never used a level editor in my life other than to create a joke level that can be completed in three seconds or never. But I always enjoy playing through the hard work of others.

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