97: Hogan’s Alley

Genre: Light-Gun

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Year: 1985

Basic Idea:  Shoot bad guys.  Don’t shoot good guys.  Or, for something completely different, shoot cans.

Review: First, let’s get this out of the way: Duck Hunt sucks.  It’s not as bad as Wii Play, but very few people play that game if it weren’t packaged with Super Mario Bros.  Also, I hear Gumshoe is pretty decent, but I wasn’t about to buy it to test it out (yeah, I still have my light gun).  If anyone has any other light gun recommendations, have at it in the comments.

Now, on to today’s game.  Loved playing this in the arcade.  It’s simplistic, with 1985 bleepity-bloop music, but way more fun than shooting ducks.  The can game is where it’s at, though.  If I recall, my dad could kick our ass at it, shooting cans forever and then dropping them on the ledges for bonus points.

5 thoughts on “97: Hogan’s Alley”

  1. I never played this. In fact, I think it’s possible I never played a light gun game that wasn’t Duck Hunt. I don’t know why that is – maybe our gun went bad or something – but I really don’t think I ever did. I knew of this game, but that’s it.

    1. Or perhaps it wasn’t worth spending money on a light gun game?

      When we got our Nintendo, we had four cartridges to start, and this was one of them. I have little doubt it was because my parents (or perhaps us kids) enjoyed playing it in the arcade.

      1. After emptying my piggy bank for the Nintendo, which came with Mario Bros/Duckhunt, Dad let me pick out two games and he got to chose the third. I chose Excite Bike and Pro Wrestling. Dad chose Hogan’s Alley. There ya go.

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