Back to the Future: The Game

Publisher:  Telltale
Developer: Telltale
Year: 2010
Platform: Windows; Macintosh; Playstation 3

Review: When I discovered this game was a thing, I immediately bought it for the wife and I to play. Like with most Telltale games it was released in agonizingly slow chapters. Each time a new one came, we’d knock it out in a day or two and then wait a couple of months. But as evidenced by my score, it was definitely worth it.

I was a bit hesitant as every single game that has ever been released with this license has made as much sense as a screen door on a battleship (e.g.  killer bees!). But Telltale has yet to screw up a license, or any game for that matter. For starters, Bob Gale was consulted on several story elements. And not only did they get Christopher Lloyd (who was also great in Toonstruck) and Claudia Wells(!) to reprise their roles as Doc Brown and Jennifer, they held a worldwide contest to see who would play Marty. Enter A.J. Locascio, who sounds so much like Marty McFly that if one didn’t know any better, you’d swear it was Michael J. Fox.

Of course, the game has to be more than its voice talent. While some of the chapters are better than others, the overall story is entertaining. It has countless paradoxes and is unendingly silly, but no more so than the second movie. It doesn’t have the dramatic impact of the first or third movies, but it’s funny enough to make up for it. One chapter in particular had us laughing out loud time after time, as the script writers were not afraid to go blue on several jokes.

As for the puzzles, they’re generally straightforward and easy. Only a couple of mindbenders are in the game, and there are unfortunately a few annoying lock & key puzzles that are not obvious.  But one should never get stuck long.

The ending leaves things open for a sequel, though one certainly isn’t necessary. If they do, there is no doubt in my mind the wife and I will drop what we’re doing and play it.

Contemporary RatingHigh.

Cruelty Rating:  Merciful.  There is no way to die, which does take some of the drama out of a few puzzles.

7 thoughts on “Back to the Future: The Game”

  1. HEY, I’VE PLAYED THIS!!! Putting this one up today must be your Valentine to me.

    Yeah, for me, this was basically like playing a movie. The puzzles are almost all extremely easy and obvious, but I was willing to play the entire thing because the spirit of the thing totally lined up with the spirit of the film franchise. Even when it wasn’t particularly funny, it felt…comfortable.

    Michael J. Fox actually does make an appearance. Toward the end of episode 5, he plays…well, I think it’s the older Marty. He’s in a truck and says a few things while passing through? I don’t completely remember the situation, but he’s in it.

    1. LOL. Beau is already gifted with holding Henry whilst playing a game on his phone– so I don’t think playing something like this would be too difficult for him. Henry will love BTTF someday or I’ll wonder if he is really our son… :-)
      But yeah, this game is great. (It’d be a great third date, right Beau?) ;-)

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