Roger Spottiswoode

I wonder what in Spottiswoode’s career tempted someone to give him a Bond movie. He once said this:

The movies I want to make are not people’s priority. Nobody would touch them. They cost a lot of money, and studios no longer finance development, so if I didn’t pay for them myself they wouldn’t happen.

Looking at his ratings on IMDb, it doesn’t look like the movies he makes are anyone’s priority.

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot: Man, what a piece of shit. I was twelve years old and found this (and Stallone and Getty) obvious and stupid. The movie literally has one joke and it’s in the title. I laughed when I saw the preview. That was the last time. In my life. It’s that bad.

Grade: F

Shoot To Kill: A plot-twisty thriller that really does nothing for me, partly because I don’t particularly care for Tom Berenger or Kirstie Alley, but mostly because I don’t feel the thrills. Even Sidney Poitier seems to be a bit listless.

Grade: F

Turner & Hooch: Tom Hanks is a detective who must adopt a Saint Bernard to help find a murderer. Cue lots of saliva and bad dog jokes. Some genuine sentiment at the end, but everything’s a bit too obvious.

Grade: C-

Other Roger Spottiswoode Movie You May Have Seen

Tomorrow Never Dies
The 6th Day
Air America
The Children of Huang Shi

One thought on “Roger Spottiswoode”

  1. I think I saw Tomorrow Never Dies. Is that the one with Michelle Yeoh? If not, never mind, but I’ll tell the story anyway: I only went to the one she was in to see her. At the time I didn’t give a shit about Bond and I never liked Pierce Brosnan. I drank a buttload of soda as the movie started and took a very rare bathroom break during a movie, and the only thing I missed was her long fight scene, which to this day I have still never seen.

    Spottiswoode is dreadful. I, too, question how he was given a Bond film. Friend of either Brosnan or the producers, I suspect.

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