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Amy Heckerling

I think Heckerling is the only female director where I’ve seen at least three movies from. That’s kind of sad.

Look Who’s Talking: I pretty much hate talking babies, but Bruce Willis’s baby narration might be the least hate-able I’ve come across. John Travolta and Kirstie Alley have just enough chemistry together to keep this from being completely worthless.

Grade: D

A Night at the Roxbury: What’s up? Someone thought it was a good idea to take SNL’s Roxbury guys and give them 80 minutes. Not as awful as I expected, but it still remains a mostly one-joke premise so much of the movie drags. Will Ferrell, as usual, gives an enthusiastic performance which helps save things a bit.

Grade: D+

Clueless: Alicia Silverstone is the most popular girl and does all sorts of popular things and tries to help clueless people emulate her, until she realizes she needs a more spiritual makeover. Yeah, as if! Inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma. Alicia plays her role well and for the most part the performances are good, but the script seems dated, or at least underwhelming. When I see it I just think I’d rather be watching Mean Girls.

Grade: D+

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Roger Spottiswoode

I wonder what in Spottiswoode’s career tempted someone to give him a Bond movie. He once said this:

The movies I want to make are not people’s priority. Nobody would touch them. They cost a lot of money, and studios no longer finance development, so if I didn’t pay for them myself they wouldn’t happen.

Looking at his ratings on IMDb, it doesn’t look like the movies he makes are anyone’s priority.

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot: Man, what a piece of shit. I was twelve years old and found this (and Stallone and Getty) obvious and stupid. The movie literally has one joke and it’s in the title. I laughed when I saw the preview. That was the last time. In my life. It’s that bad.

Grade: F

Shoot To Kill: A plot-twisty thriller that really does nothing for me, partly because I don’t particularly care for Tom Berenger or Kirstie Alley, but mostly because I don’t feel the thrills. Even Sidney Poitier seems to be a bit listless.

Grade: F

Turner & Hooch: Tom Hanks is a detective who must adopt a Saint Bernard to help find a murderer. Cue lots of saliva and bad dog jokes. Some genuine sentiment at the end, but everything’s a bit too obvious.

Grade: C-

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