RPG Wrap-Up

I started out the countdown by stating that it’s very possible I’ll never play an RPG again. If I do, here are a few that are on my list:

Breath of Fire series
Phantasy Star series
Final Fantasy V

Two questions for my readers:

1. Have you played any of the above games and do you think I’d like them?

2. What other RPGs have you played that would make your top list? Feel free to drop your own list if you like.


4 thoughts on “RPG Wrap-Up”

  1. I’ve played through the first half of FF5, and while I found the majority of the game fun, it requires either a lot of grinding with trial and error, or the occasional look at a walk-through so you don’t waste time leveling up jobs that won’t help you. Other than that, it has solid graphics, gameplay, and music.

  2. I think I’m about 75% through the main story of FFV. It’s been quite fun so far. A bit light on story, but the gameplay has lots of different jobs you can take (a lot of totally worthless ones, as mentioned by TAG). I’m going to finish it sometime soon, I think.

      1. You’d really only need one at the outset, when picking jobs.

        Also, play the Suikoden series. Mainly the first two. It’s a “character recruitment” game with 120 characters to get in each one, but you’re not required to do so and the game focuses on just a few of them to tell a coherent story. They’re quite good.

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