Star Trek: The Next Generation: Top 40 Moments

Death By Troggles was born with Star Trek: TNG, and one of my readers suggested a while back I go and do a top moments list for the show. The staff here went back and forth for a long time and finally settled on a list everyone can be happy with. Come back tomorrow to see #40 and #39!

Trek at its best put me on the edge of my seat, made me laugh, made me cry, gave me the chills, or gave me food for thought with a powerful message. Most of these moments got a mention during the episode countdown, so there shouldn’t be a ton of surprises; naturally, my favorite episodes tend to have my favorite moments as well. But there are some excellent episodes (Ship in a Bottle, for instance) that I love but don’t have a single moment that really stands out. And, naturally, there are a few moments from mediocre episodes that still get me to this day.

And in case there were any worries, Justice will not get a mention.

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