Original Theme Songs: 48, 47

48. Peter Gunn

Composer: Henry Mancini

Never seen the show, but this song won Mancini an Emmy and two Grammys for whatever they’re worth. Hard to go wrong with orchestras including trumpets.

47. Maverick

Composer: David Buttolph and Paul Francis Webster

Never seen this show either, even though I own some episodes. Crazy about the movie, and Restless Heart performs a pretty good rendition of the song on that soundtrack.

3 thoughts on “Original Theme Songs: 48, 47”

  1. So, Peter Gunn is where that song comes from?! I’d have been hard pressed not to put that near the very top of my hypothetical list, would that I’d known.

    The Maverick tune is cheese. Good cheese, though, and charming.

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