Original Theme Songs: 46, 45

46. Justin Time

Originally I had Growing Pains in this spot, but the more I listen to “Show Me That Smile” it just doesn’t work. I love Jennifer Warnes, but she’s only in one version of this generic theme song. Dusty Springfield ruins the one he’s in. Plus, the theme song just reminds me of Cameron’s religious fanaticism and the scripts that helped drive Gold to anorexia. So, eff, that show.

So, to something more innocent. My nineteen month old son loves this theme song, and I can’t blame him. Unlike most themes meant for pre-school kids, there’s no ear-piercing crescendo. And the theme of the show is driven home without connecting every dot. Like most kids themes, they name all of the characters in the song, but the melody isn’t ruined in order to do it. It’s a fun jingle without being an annoying earworm.

45. Laverne & Shirley

Composer: Charles Fox  
: Cyndi Grecco

A pretty generic tune about making it in the world, but for some reason I really dig the talking intro. It takes some guts to introduce your show with “Schlemeel, Schlemazel, Hasenfeffer Incorporated!” Apparently, it’s a Yiddish hopscotch rhyme.

2 thoughts on “Original Theme Songs: 46, 45”

  1. Justin Time showed up just after my daughters would have been of the age, so I don’t think I’d ever even heard that. Kids’ TV is damned good right now – better than it’s ever been. I just facepalm anytime someone on FB decries kids’ TV in favor of most of the bland shit we were offered. We had a few great shows, but I’m consistently blown away by how good it is right now. I would have killed for Phineas & Ferb when I was young, for instance. Hell, I watch it now sometimes even without the girls.

    The Laverne & Shirley opening (video, I mean) is such a hideous and fantastic product of its time, with all the winky jokes and wacky physical gags. I probably never watched a full episode, but I do think it’s a pretty great opening theme song.

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