Original Theme Songs: 30, 29

30. Perfect Strangers

Composer: Jesse Frederick and Bennett Salvay
Artist: David Pomeranz

Never seen the show (and I wish I would have, seeing that Bronson Pinchot stars), but of all the cheesy 80’s theme songs about love and family, this is easily my favorite.

29. Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers

Composer: Mark Mueller
Artist: The Jets

I had no idea this was performed by The Jets, nor did I know The Jets were from Minneapolis and performed The Star Spangled Banner during the 1987 World Series. Crazy.

Here’s the extended version of the theme song you don’t see on TV.

2 thoughts on “Original Theme Songs: 30, 29”

  1. “Standin’ taaaaaaaaall on the wings of my dreams.” Good God.

    I’ve seen a lot of those episodes, but didn’t really remember the theme. The episodes are all the same, as it’s pretty much just an Odd Couple story over and over again, though the two of them are funny and have good chemistry. Still, I primarily think of Bronson Pinchot as a major part of True Romance and Mark Linn-Baker as a major part of Noises Off!.

    My favorite part of the opening is all the time spent saying goodbye to the families. “Thanks, featured extras. Here’s a small bit of money. You’ll be on every episode but we’ll never need you again.”

    That Rescue Rangers song is still pretty great. Disney was killing it with the morning cartoons at that time – particularly the themes.

    1. “Standin’ taaaaaaaaall on the wings of my dreams.” Good God.

      You know you love it. In fact, say it or I’m going to post the theme to Family Ties

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