Original Theme Songs: 28, 27

28. Orange is the New Black

Composer: Regina Spektor

Artist: Regina Spektor

Already a pretty big fan of hers. “You’ve Got Time” probably isn’t even my top 10 of her songs, but it’s catchy without being trite and it fits the theme of the show perfectly. Here’s the full version.

27. 3-2-1 Contact

Composer: Tom Anthony

Oh, another show from my wee childhood. It totally got me jazzed for learning and stuff. I even had a subscription to their magazine for a short time.


3 thoughts on “Original Theme Songs: 28, 27”

      1. Ah, I loved Mathnet, but I always missed one of the episodes every week, so I’d never have any idea what was going on.

        I remember the robot pitcher, though.

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